Forum rules

General rules

  • Messages should be posted in the appropriate sub-category.
  • Every new player should read the forum description before posting a message.
  • Offering Honourpoints or selling/buying Donation codes is not allowed in the forums.


  • Players should form their messages respectfully towards other players.
  • Insulting messages are not allowed.
  • Posting personal information about other persons is not allowed.

Post & Reply

  • Quoting is only allowed when it has a function , non-related lines in the quote should be removed.
  • Quoting Pictures should be avoided.
  • Advertising in any form or shape is not alowed without permission of a version-manager.
  • On .com and deathmatch public fora, only english language is allowed, at language specific game-versions only the related language and english are allowed.
  • Spam is not allowed.

Pictures and Movies

  • Messages/pictures containing: Racism, Extreme violence, Nudity, Porn, Insulting and swearing with diseases are not allowed
  • Posting extreme large pictures is not allowed, the max width is 600 pixels.

User Title en Signature

  • Nor the User title or signature may strech the forum layout.
  • Nor the User title or signature may be provocative.
  • Nor in the User title or signature is it allowed to pretend to be a crewmember, so no "Crew" or "Admin" or "Moderator" etc.

Violations of forum rules

  • When a user violates these forum rules he will be banned, Punished or Admin killed, (depending on the nature of the violation)

 1: It is for crew to decide whether messages are allowed or not , When you think you saw something in violation of these rules please contact a crewmember.

 2: Posting a message in violation with the rules means risking a ban, a punish or even a Admin-kill.

 3: The rules can be adjusted when needed.

When you think you saw something in violation with the forum rules please report it in the help channel for your game-version or make a ticket (mention the topic where it can be found)